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Video Transcript

Welcome to the course! How and Why to Document Your Business Processes
I am so glad you are joining me.

Who am I?
My name is Jen Bergren
I live in San Diego, CA US, not Paris, I wish, but San Diego is pretty nice, too.

My most recent regular job was the Head of Operations at Remotish, which is a HubSpot RevOps and WebOps agency. I started as basically the first employee there and helped grow the company to about 20 people over 4 years.

I also had many other jobs and different careers before that, but that is the most relevant and recent.

Currently, I have my own business as an operations educator, that’s the best title I have at the moment. I have been making classes and other content on topics such as documentation! Topics that not a lot of people talk about, write about, or share information about…yet!

Which brings me to my next slide

Why I made this course:

Documentation is very beneficial for growing companies to meet their goals and for reducing the stress of individuals. 

Really it’s beneficial for all companies, even companies of one person, but especially for growing companies because of documentation’s role in training new people.

I saw many benefits while creating documentation and knowledge management at Remotish… but there are not a lot of resources or classes to help people actually do it! 

I want to help!

I started creating and offering the live version of this course in 2022, to more easily get feedback to improve it faster, and now I also offer it on-demand to better fit your schedule and budget.

About 3 hours of video content

3+ hours of suggested homework – that is going to vary depending on how much you do. I don’t believe in homework for the sake of homework so all of the assignments should be relevant to what you actually should be working on in your actual documentation. 

There are four sessions:

  • Identify where to start documenting (prioritizing)
  • Writing a clear process that anyone can follow
  • Create a system to keep documentation in use and updated
  • Construct a compelling case to convince your team why documentation is essential

Most of these sessions are broken up into more than 1 video, to help you start and stop this course at your convenience.
That is the benefit of an on-demand course, you are fitting it into your own schedule, stopping and starting as needed.

I don’t recommend just sitting down one day and watching all 3 hours at once, it’s going to be hard to retain that information and put your learnings into action if you rush through it.

The live version of this course is 2 weeks, 2 sessions a week, with time in between sessions to do the homework, if you’d like some timing guidance.

Each session contains:

  • 1-3 Video(s) for lecture/presentation on that topic
  • Slides 
  • Transcripts - if you prefer reading
  • Resources (additional reading or videos from more sources than just me)
  • Homework instructions - there is an optional class workbook you can purchase, you can learn more about that in the introduction lesson called “workbook.’ 
  • Knowledge check quiz
  • Survey for feedback – I like to practice what I preach about continuous improvement, I would love your feedback. 


The same set of questions is given in survey format in the:

  • Introduction
  • Conclusion

After the course is completed, I will share the results and comparison with you.

This will help us both track your progress with your documentation understanding and accomplishments.

I’ll add a link in the resources below this video about navigating this Teachable platform.

Basics: to navigate through the course:

  • Click ‘Start next lesson’ or ‘complete and continue’ button at the top


  • Click through the lessons listed on the left side menu

I do recommend you stick to this order of the lessons, the topics build on each other and refer to each other.

More about this platform:

  • The circles next to each lesson fill in as you complete them.
  • You do have to press the “Complete and continue” button for the platform to:
  • Mark your progress in that lesson with a completed check mark
  • Count that completed lesson toward the % complete progress bar in the top left menu bar

You don’t have to turn in your homework, so that won’t count towards the % complete, as long as you press the “Complete and continue” button inside that ‘Work’ lesson.

Interacting with other class members

There are a few places where comments are enabled under the videos, such as in the introduction and conclusion. Feel free to interact and connect with other class members who are interested in the same topic as you – starting or improving their documentation

If you have an issue with the class, the best way to contact me is using the contact form in Teachable so I can access your account directly to see what the issue is.

You can see on this slide how to do that, its in the menu under your photo on the top right of the screen.

Most of you are resourceful and can probably find 32 other ways to contact me, I’m not hiding, but this way I’ll be able to see exactly which course on which platform you’re in, so you’ll get a faster resolution to your issue.

Enough about me, enough about Teachable –
So now I’d love for you to introduce yourselves in the comments below this video!

  • Name
  • Where you live
  • Role
  • Company
  • Reasons you joined this course

You are welcome to add a link to LinkedIn, your website, or wherever you'd like people to connect with you.

I’m looking forward to learning more about you, and for you to learn more about other class members!

Thank you again for joining this course. I’ll see you in Session 1.

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